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Pathway Associates is a multi-disciplinary team of consultants based in Salt Lake City, Utah, dedicated to helping nonprofits achieve long term sustainability. What binds us together is a belief that nonprofit organizations play an indispensable role in our society; that they can and should be among the best managed organizations in the world; and that they need not be starved for resources.

What makes us effective is a unique combination of experience, commitment and fresh ideas.

Explore with us how we can help you with our professional services and learn how we have helped our clients in the community to achieve their goals.

Featured Client

  • Moab Regional Medical Center
    Moab Regional Medical Center

    When Allen Memorial Hospital in Moab, Utah began its first capital campaign back in 2005, it was ill prepared: the feasibility of the campaign had not been assessed; a professional campaign plan had not been developed; major donor prospects had not been cultivated; and an influential, well connected campaign committee had not been recruited.

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Pathway Associates seeks out professionals who can offer insightful and impactful direction and advice in the following areas:

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What Our Clients Say

  • "It's been a team effort and I am grateful for your gifts and guidance throughout this successful effort. It is truly a privilege to serve in an organization that inspires the generosity of so many people over all these years."

    Bob Agoglia, Executive Director
    Insight Mediation Society